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This page provides access to information and additional resources for the RiscCAD 2D CAD Application. Purchases of RiscCAD and additional paid for resources is from the Shop page.


RiscCAD is an advanced 2D CAD application for the RISC OS operating system. This operating system was initially developed for Acorn Computers for their range of 32 bit RISC desktop computers (Archimedes and RiscPC). RISC OS can now also be run on PC and Apple computers using an emulator from VirtualAcorn. RISC OS is also available for other small ARM based micro processor boards such as the RaspberryPi.


RiscCAD HTML manuals for RISC OS (zip files).

Combined manual

RiscCAD Impression files (slightly out of date, but generally accurate) (zip files).

User guide Command reference

RiscCAD Version 10 file viewer (freely distributable) (zip file).

R10 Viewer

Draw2DXF - rudimentary application to convert Draw files to DXF. Note that much more accurate conversion can be done using the RiscDXF and RiscDRAW applications included with the RiscCAD suite of programs.

Draw2DXF rcad RiscCAD on Google+ RiscCAD on YouTube