Concentrating on the Important

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Quadrant2 - Concentrating on the Important.


Quadrant2 offers support and assistance to small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in the areas of Engineering, Quality and Standards Compliance. We are available at any stage of your processes, from writing design specifications, looking at factory layouts or troubleshooting issues to ISO9001 and 14001 auditing, systems improvements and assisting with documentation and record systems.



"Superb....Now that's professionalism."


Paul Greenfield, Managing Director - LAP Electrical Ltd



"I have worked with David on several sourcing projects. He has a great attention to detail and wealth of legal experience relating to product regulations. David is very approachable and professional in what he does, and more importantly very organised in running his department and team.


As well as design, development and software skills, David also has great experience in merging business units as part of acquisitions."


Minesh Patel, Head of Supply Chain - Vision Alert Automotive Ltd



"David is a great professional. He demonstrated during our collaboration high project management skills and technical and regulatory knowledge of automotive aftermarket products. He is a honest manager, easy to work with, with a clear vision of objectives to achieve, tenacious, and with strong leadership capabilities. It was a pleasure to work with him."


Jose Manuel Garza, Owner - Luxae



"We found David very good, he explained how an employer selects and interviews candidates for employment....the students found it very beneficial to have a local businessman present the reality about future employment and the expectations. I would recommend David as a speaker and would definitely invite him back to the College."


East Riding College

About us


Quadrant2 is the trading name of David Buck, an engineer with over 20 years of experience in Engineering, Quality and Standards Compliance.


Having held senior engineering and management positions at Emergi-Lite (Thomas & Betts), Vision Alert Automotive Ltd (ECCO Group) and Menvier (Cooper Lighting and Safety) Quadrant2 is well placed to offer practical, meaningful and tailored advice and support to your business.


Contact Us to see if we can help your business improve and grow.


Work is priced on a daily rate so you only pay for the time used. You can decide what the scope and involvement of Quadrant2 is. You know upfront what the cost will be.


For longer or open ended projects, methods of review and progression can be agreed.


Flexibility of choice on tasks undertaken, amount of time used, location and involvement of existing staff give you total control over timescales and budget.


More Information

Click here to download a pdf brochure of services offered by Quadrant2, or use the Contact Us link to get in touch. Remember, it costs nothing to talk.